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5 Tips for Aspiring Photographers

In trekking along this journey of photography, I have definitely learned a thing or two and made countless errors. Today, I hope to share with you just five of those errors so you don’t repeat them. None of these “tips” are rules or absolutes – just my two cents and reflection on my ways.

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Number One Tip to Improve Your Landscape Photography

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re either a landscape photographer or interested in getting into landscape photography. There is so much advice out there - literally enough information to make one’s head spin over and over again. I, sincerely, believe all of that is of minimal importance in the beginning. What matters most of all is inspiration and collaboration! Read inside to learn more!

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Are These the Best Filters on the Planet?!

As primarily a landscape photographer, filters are something that make the art process so much easier. Debating between filter holders, rings, etc is a balance between ease of use, size, quality, and price. See inside for a NEW option with a new design that just hit the market.

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Top 7 Photography iPhone OS Apps

The question I get asked most often is “HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME?!”. Well, I would definitely have to credit the “work smarter not harder” mantra of life. Early on in my photo days, I worked harder – as in I would go out and shoot many sunrises and sunsets. Nowadays, I use a whole host of apps to help me predict which evenings offer me the greatest probability of being fruitful. Here is the inside look on my Top 7 Favorite Photography Apps:

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5 Tips for Overcoming Time Barriers

Often times, one of the most commonly reported hurdles for photography is time, which I’m sure you’ve been tight on as well! As a busy medical student, my schedule can be quite chaotic at times. Nonetheless, I find, or rather prioritize, time to go shoot! There are many reasons I can make this happen and today I’ll share 5 Tips that may help you do this as well.

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